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Established in 2009, XIAOMEI is an experienced ceramic maker specializing in durable ceramic tableware for daily and decorative use. By 2017, we have become a company integrating industry to support diverse market needs, provide professional service and build wider cooperation among major ceramic factories.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

Providing vibrant colors and delicate designs in every tableware set has allowed us to take in special commissions for OEM/ODM for different brands. We achieve any effect and create tableware of different shapes and sizes through our careful craftsmanship that uses the latest technology. Through our efficient manufacturing process, we can make items at bulk prices and ensure swift delivery to align with your schedules.

We Enjoy Making Things Nicer.

XIAOMEI's Philosophy

True to our name, XIAOMEI creates delicate and beautiful tableware that represents natural beauty and balance while creating a lasting impression. Our production of the most fashionable tableware takes time and meticulous attention to detail to ensure what you get stands out. We take our time in creating timeless works of art for any dining room and setting.

Throughout the process, we are attentive to every step, from design to decoration. While showing the rigorous effort in making every tableware unique and fitting for your business, we wish to impart the value of excellent design and quality to stand the test of time.

Bringing Creativity in Every Tableware Set

Our Experienced Designers

For over 20-30 years, our designers and potters have the skill to bring out your specific vision into any piece of bone china, earthenware, and porcelain. Focused on making every tableware product breathtaking to any audience, our pottery and design team place your desired lithographs, hand decorations, and other patterns.

XIAOMEI designers are trained to adopt different approaches from various cultures and work with experts to ensure that our tableware expresses your brand’s message in a thought-provoking way.

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Explore Our Factory’s Capabilities

Manned by 150 skilled laborers, our factory combines human ingenuity with our advanced machinery in our molding, kiln, quality inspection and packaging workshops. By following a strict quality control standard, our factory has received BSCI, ISO and SEDEX certification to cement trust among global clients.

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Expansive Showrooms

Our gallery of the most exquisite and exotic designer tableware can be viewed from our two large showrooms to understand how we inspire innovation in the industry.

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