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Offering a unique blend of striking colors and soothing designs, our tea cup sets are an appealing addition to any dining hall, household and daily use. Ask our design team to realize your desired patterns, branding, and decorations to personalize tea cup sets to suit your market’s preferences.

Our workshops specialize in a complete production process, with advanced machinery for molding, firing, glazing, and decorating. With attention to detail and quality checks in every stage, our thorough manufacturing cycle guarantees consistent quality for mass production of our tea cup sets for delivery to global markets.

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  • Bone China
  • Earthenware
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  • Lead & Cadmium-Free
  • Chip Resistant
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Custom Tea Set

Making your design plans possible, we can customize the shape, color, shape, and packaging of our tea cup sets. Give us your ideas to create personalized tea cup sets, from a trendsetting logo motif to bespoke pattern designs to bring your design to life and impress your markets.

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Wholesale Tea Cup Set Solutions

Get tea cups that come in different styles that suit your market’s preferences. Efficient production and tested raw materials provide consistent quality to our tea cup sets while reducing overall costs. Order in bulk today to get the most exquisite tea cups at affordable prices and within shorter delivery time.

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