Biscuit Firing

“Achieving the right shape comes down to timing. We guide the fire to form our wares, making it a beautiful balance of art and science.”


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Engineered Balance

Biscuit Firing

XIAOMEI combines the latest manufacturing technology and industrial experience to ensure all of our crockery, ceramic tableware, and other products achieve optimum weight. Crafting our wares with an evenly distributed weight makes them easier to use and gives them superior durability.

Automatize Firing

To create ceramic tableware or kitchenware with complex shapes or large dimensions, we utilize innovative machinery. Through the incorporation of cutting edge equipment, we can also ensure an accurate temperature and baking time throughout the biscuit firing process. Our equipment significantly minimizes any flaws or errors without decreasing our production speed.

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Innovative Machinery

Vibro and Selection

After going through the firing process, all wares go through a Vibro machine where fragments of ceramic and wooden pieces go through the surface of the products. The process creates a smooth finish on the surface of up to 18,000 tableware and kitchenware in one day.

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