Glazing & Firing

“From fire, we shape our thought, will, well-being, and our soul. What comes out of our oven may as well be a representation of ourselves as potters.”


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Technical Glazing Process

To incorporate an eye-catching shine and waterproof quality, we dip the ceramic tableware in top-grade glaze and allow the pieces to dry overnight. Once dry, we bake the pieces at 1,000°C for up to 8 hours. When baked, the natural colors of the paint comes out of the glaze to create a display-worthy aesthetic.


XIAOMEI takes a hands-on approach in immersing our ceramic tableware to ensure the top-grade liquid glass glaze covers every part of the piece. The dexterity of our team ensures that we can glaze up to 4,000 pieces of ceramic wares within a day.

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Thermal Stability


Every dipped ceramic tableware goes through our glazing kilns on a mobile cart. We bake each of our wares at 1,000°C for 8 hours. Firing the glazed ware creates an attractive finish that is easy to clean and makes the piece resistant to wearing and tearing. During the firing process of our ceramic tableware, we incorporate coefficient thermal expansion practices that allow the clay pieces and its glaze to expand at an optimized rate.

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