Pattern Decorating

“Upon the china reflects that of the maker's soul and emotions, engraving his skill and knowledge onto the surface. Making the porcelain an extension of the crafter.”


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Professional Decorations

XIAOMEI can incorporate patterns, graphical prints, and other decorations onto the ceramic ware through different processes. Our artisan's hand decorate the wares to achieve a professional touch on our products for specific markets, ensuring that we take the extra mile in treating each ceramic tableware with care. The different processes ensure our clients can achieve their business goals and other milestones.


We can incorporate metallic layers such as gold, platinum, or silver onto our ceramic products using gilding. The process requires experienced crafting skills and techniques, which our artisans possess. Each gilded ceramic tableware has a luxurious appeal that can resonate with niche consumers in the market.

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Hand Decoration

Through skills and experience obtained from working with numerous ceramic tableware, our artisans can imbue amazing patterns, graphics, or colors onto our wares that make them stand out. Our capabilities of completing more than 1,000 pieces a day ensure that we can complete large volume orders.

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