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XIAOMEI is the benchmark of OEM/ODM solutions on ceramic tableware that has helped numerous brands create a strong market presence.

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Convenient and Profitable ODM Services

Every XIAOMEI ceramic tableware designs and patterns are done in-house by our experienced team and are constantly updated according to rising market trends. The unique and high-quality designs of our ceramic tableware bolster your efforts in resonating with your target audience in different markets.

Brand-Focused OEM Solutions

We create tailor-made tableware designs that embody our clients' branding and messaging, helping them garner their target audience’s attention to build their marketing presence. Our experienced team helps you throughout the whole process to turn your product concept into a marketable ceramic ware.

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Versatile Custom Options

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Material
  • Techniques
  • Packaging


From dining plates to serving bowls, we can create molds of varying shapes that can meet the specific needs of various consumers.

  • round
  • straight
  • Tripe
  • v shape
    V shape


Through our wide range of colors, we help bring life to your branding image that can influence your target audience's buying decision.

  • Green
  • Pink Green White
    Pink, Green, White
  • Yellow Red
    Yellow, Red


Our team incorporates various branded raw materials that we chose with careful consideration based on what is suitable for your design.

  • Bone China
    Bone China
  • Earthenware
  • Glass
  • Porcelain


From unglazed, gloss, deboss, crackle, or matte, we have a rich selection of finishing processes that can bolster the aesthetic of your ceramic tableware design and your branding.

  • Decal
  • Grouting
  • Injection
  • Plating
  • Relief
  • Rolling


We can bolster the market presence of your ceramic tableware through our extensive packaging options, letting you increase brand awareness.

  • Brown Box
    Brown Box
  • Color Box
    Color Box
  • Gift Box 2
    Gift Box
  • PDQ Box
    PDQ Box
  • White Box
    White Box
  • Window box 1
    Window Box

Convenient and Empowering Customization Service

From the design concept to product completion, we make it easy for any clients to complete their ceramic tableware OEM/ODM projects.

  • Concept Schematics

    Provide or select a sketch or product concept of any ceramic tableware with different specifications such as its size, decorative patterns, and shape.

  • Design Confirmation

    Our designers will work with you in confirming each specification and offers suggestions to improve your ceramic tableware concept.

  • Quotation

    We provide an accurate quotation of the project price according to the design specifications and the number of pieces to be manufactured.

  • Sampling

    Our team will send a free sample of your custom ceramic tableware to help you determine if there are any changes to be made before mass production.

  • Mass Production

    We start the main production of the custom ceramic tableware when you are satisfied with the sample or there are no changes to be made.

  • Delivery

    All ceramic tableware are placed in custom packaging at your request and are shipped after the final inspection.

Success-Oriented OEM/ODM Solutions

  • In-House Design Team & Lab

    XIAOMEI is the benchmark among ceramic tableware manufacturers because of our design and development team. We have technicians and engineers who can improve our manufacturing capabilities and ceramic design techniques through in-depth market and industry research.

  • Cost Effective Product Assurance

    We take the extra mile in keeping all custom ceramic tableware projects fit any of our clients’ budget by maximizing all design resources available to us. Our extensive designs catalog that we worked on with previous clients and our design platform ensure a cost-efficient production of all OEM/ODM solutions.

  • Timely Manufacture

    Our factory has two production floors that are equipped with cutting-edge machinery that requires little labor. The automotive nature of our manufacturing capabilities ensures we can complete many high-quality ceramic tableware bulk orders even during peak seasons.

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