Quality Control

Raw Material Selection

We source raw materials from trusted suppliers who follow rigorous international standards to ensure consistency while saving on time and costs.

Refined and tested porcelain comes in different temperatures and possesses a relatively high water absorption rate. As such, our porcelain possesses significant strength suited for making affordable and vibrant tableware.

Our connection with our network of suppliers allows us to get glazes with the right color and finishes. Testing the glazing formula helps us reach the effect you desire.

Rigorous Testing

Applied throughout the production process, our quality tests monitor the suitability of our tableware in any setting to ensure long-term use.

  • Cold and heat shock test 

    Testing the viability of our ceramics in temperatures around 24.6 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of 70.7%RH allows us to ascertain our tableware’s strength and resistance to any climate.
  • Water absorption test 

    Assessing the surface smoothness of our ceramic products, our absorption tests ensure that our tableware is easy to clean and has an absorption rate below 0.5%.
  • Microwave oven test 

    To make sure the ceramic products are safe for use in the microwave, we test how much microwave energy and radiation is absorbed by our ceramic tableware.
  • Dishwasher test 

    Our tableware is washed in a dishwasher to check their resistance against alkaline substances and dishwashing detergents.
Efficient Selection Process

Final Check

Our staff makes one final check to see if there are no defects in our tableware products. Upon passing several inspections, our tableware products are placed on a conveyor belt to be packed for shipping.

Strict monitoring of the quality of our tableware ensures that you receive your orders without the need for replacement.

Certified For Your Trust

Our strict quality control has allowed our products to earn SGS, LFGB, CE, and CIQ certifications for hassle-free entry into various regions.

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Thermal Shock

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Lead and chromium detection

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Water Absorption

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Dishwasher detection

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