Mold Making

“The combination of proper technique and modern equipment makes our molds last for up to 70 uses.”


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Mould Making Process

From creating the concept of the ceramic tableware, the drawing is provided to our master sculptors to create molds for the manufacturing process. Done by either hand or CNC molding, the size of the molds are made with a 10% size increase to account for the shrinkage that takes place during the process.

Plaster Mixing and Pouring

The plaster is mixed and prepared for use using our proprietary process to ensure the efficacy of the plaster mix. Once the plaster mix is ready, it is carefully poured over the mold cases and is agitated to ensure no air pockets or missed crevices exist. The mold is then given 15 minutes to rest, at this time the plaster sets. XIAOMEI usually produces around 6,000 to 7,000 molds weekly, with each mold usable for up to 70 times.

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Fettling and Banding

Once the molds take their form, they are then removed from the base and are fettled and banded. Done entirely by hand, the process helps extend the durability of the final ceramic tableware product by providing a clean cutting edge on the mold. After banding the molds, they are then placed on dryers and left to dry, which usually takes around 2 days.

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