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Our expert designers work closely with you to understand your design concept and translate it into working drawings that clearly illustrate the intricate designs and functions of the project. Once the drawings are approved, they are used as templates to create the models we will use for production.

Talented Artisans, Modern Machinery

The quality, durability, and design of our products speak volumes about our indispensable team and tools. Reaching the perfect harmony of expert artisans backed by years of experience and the latest in manufacturing equipment, XIAOMEI delivers exceptionally-crafted and reliable ceramic tableware.

Innovative and Fresh Designs

XIAOMEI constantly pushes the bar for new ideas and concepts that your market is sure to enjoy. Working with renowned brand owners and leaders in the industry, we educate ourselves with trending market demands and apply them in every design template we offer.

Continuous Research and Development

Understanding that changing times bring new and exciting changes in the industry, XIAOMEI heavily invests in the research and development of our future product offerings. From new materials to more efficient production techniques, our R&D team is focused on bringing the future to our clients today.

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